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A Surrey State of Affairs
Ceri Radford

Pamela Dorman Books / Viking
March 29, 2012 / ISBN: 0670023426
Fiction / British / Contemporary / Villiage & Family

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

A Surrey State of Affairs is a light, funny, contemporary read. UK's Constance Harding (Connie/the old bird) is turning fifty-four. Her home, clothes and hair are perfect. Life is perfect with only the occasional minor bump. To fill some spare time Connie takes up Blogging and discovers Facebook. She's still suffering empty nest syndrome and looks forward to the occassional return of her rebellious daughter Sophie. Sophie likes to test her parents but mum just takes it all in stride. Connie is currently matchmaking for her son, Rupert. Rubert is the kind one; he knows what mummy likes, keeps up with birthdays and holidays and earns a living. Connie's biggest concern is Rupert's possible reading material. And Connie's husband Jeffrey is a lawyer. He has little to say but his expressions and reactions speak volumes. Connie's family and the rest of the characters who pass through her perfect home keep her blogging and readers laughing.

A Surrey State of Affairs is a light-hearted look at a family going through a change of life. Constance is the straightman who has us shaking our heads as she blogs about her family and friends and her innocent perception of their state of affairs. I found myself snorting at her updates and laughing out loud at her descriptions of the pandemonium. Ceri Radford's humor is at the forefront of this novel. She presents relationships gone awry without the typical angry, hate-filled drama. She also does a brilliant job at letting Constance to stay true to herself. What an entertaining read.

Reviewed 2012