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1356 A Novel

Bernard Cornwell

Harper/Collins Publishers
January 8, 2012 / ISBN 9780061969676
Historical Fiction

Reviewed by Linda Young


September 19, 1356 France

A grossly outnumbered English army went up against the French at the historic Battle of Poitiers. What took place was the most unbelievable and decisive English victory of the Hundred Years’ war. Through cunning and courage, English forces managed to overcome a French army nearly twice their size, ultimately capturing not just the strategic site of Poitiers, but the French King, John II, as well.

Bernard Cornwell is highly acclaimed for his detailed and exciting battle scenes. They are so vivid that you can see them in your mind as you read. His amazing ability to transport the reader to the front lines shows his trademark of military strategy and compelling character-driven narrative that have earned him the title of “reigning king of historical fiction” (USA Today). This wonderful standalone novel gives you a front row seat to a little known battle with a giant impact on the Hundred Years’ war.

Several high profile writers are fans of Cornwell, including George R.R. Martin of “Game of Thrones” fame. Last year when Martin did an interview with Cornwell after his novel “Death of Kings” was published, Martin stated, “Bernard Cornwell does the best battle scenes of any writer I’ve ever read, past or present.” I know that when you read 1356 you will agree.

Reviewer Note: Graphic battle scenes.
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