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A Man Came Out of a Door in the Mountain
Adrianne Harun

Feb 2014/ ISBN 9780670786107
Fiction /Thriller / Magical Realism

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


In a dark and isolated small town, Leo Kreutzer and his friends lead lives without much purpose or hope for the future. This town is part of British Columbia, and young girls have been disappearing without a trace from the sides of the highway.

After a long and boring summer, things heat up, as the appearance of evil looms ever larger. A visiting man who performs card tricks is not who he seems to be, nor is the young woman, Hana Swann who casts her spell over Leo’s friend, Bryan. Just who is Hana Swann? There is already a deep seeded evil looming over the town in the form of drug dealers and their leader, the nasty Flacker. Flacker who not only abuses his woman, he starves her children and his own dogs. Has Hana inspired Bryan to take on Flacker and eradicate his profound immorality?

At home, Leo is coping with the impending death of his uncle Lud, who regales him with stories that resemble fairy tales gone wrong, a mother who is obsessed with her work at the animal shelter and with Leo’s scholastic future, and a father who is away for months at a time. It’s not a happy family life at all, but neither are the lives of Leo’s friends particularly family friendly.

Was I scared when reading this book? Yes. Were some of the scenes difficult to read? Yes. Were major parts of this book depressing? Yes. Could I put it down? No way, it was too compelling a read. I’d finish a chapter and put it down for the night. Mull things over, put the light on again, and read “just one more chapter.”

Haunting and mystical, real and unreal A Man Came Out of a Door in the Mountain sucks readers right into the soul of the interwoven storylines with such force that you may find yourself holding your breath and hoping you don’t wake up physically in the midst of things.

Combining folklore and magical realism with the cold stark facts of “real life,” Adrianne Harun proves she is a master storyteller. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a grim and haunting story, but please, because of the violence and language, it is not a book for anyone young or overly sensitive.

Reviewer Note: Language and violence make this for adults only
Reviewed 2014