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Wind Talker
The Dreaming -Book II
Kim Murphy

Coachlight Press / Little, Brown
6 October 2014 / ASIN: B00O1AAOBK (Kindle version)
General Fiction

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


In this sequel to 2011s Walk Through Mist (also reviewed on this site) detective Lee Crowley is called out when a skeleton is found buried in a shallow grave. He has an odd feeling about it, which intensifies when he discovers that it is from the 17th century. When he sees a reconstruction of the face he realizes he is looking at himself; somehow he has travelled through time again, only this time he must get killed. Leaving behind his wife and young child he uses her talent for the dreaming and goes back to find some answers.

Time travel, romance and a plausible evocation of the early 17th century are just a few things to enjoy in this second part of The Dreaming. Wise woman Phoebe is now married to Lee and living contentedly enough in the modern era; in the first book it was her story that was told, now it is her husband’s turn. Lee must discover his true name, discover what happened to his parents and confront the prejudices of the times before he can find peace, and find out more about the skeleton. The characters from the first book get to join in with the adventures, which are exciting but can get a little confusing as characters go backwards and forwards in time. Sometimes this is through the dreaming, other times in person but confusion aside it is easy to get involved with the story and root for the well delineated characters. The author has done her homework when it comes to long vanished tribes and customs, and although the modern world takes a backseat this time the 17th century comes to life. I look forward to a third book and reading what happens next. Imaginative, different and involving.

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