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Beach House for Rent
The Beach House #3
Mary Alice Monroe

Gallery Books
06/20/17/ ISBN 9781501125461
Women’s Fiction

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


When Cara Rutledge realizes she and her husband Brent need income to keep their ecotourism business running, Cara rents out her beach house on Isle of Palms to Heather Fordham for the entire summer. Heather is a young artist who was with her mother during an auto accident which left her mother dead and Heather with anxieties dealing with strangers and leaving her home. Her commission to paint Eastern Shore birds for use on postage stamps and her father’s recent remarriage made it necessary for Heather to complete her artwork at the beach house. Heather didn’t expect to meet a handsome young handyman, Bo, whose compassion and understanding slowly draw Heather out of her shell.

When tragedy strikes, Cara's world crumbles. She only wants to return to the beach house her mother left her, where she can find solace and peace. But the beach house has been a haven for Heather, who doesn’t want to leave. Then Heather makes a suggestion, and these two strangers become roommates who learn to share the one place they feel at home.

Mary Alice Monroe is a wonderful and highly talented author whose books provide beautifully drawn characters with depth of feeling, settings to soothe the wildest of hearts, and touching, memorable stories that linger long after the last page is read. The depth of feeling that Ms. Monroe reveals in her writing confirms her love of nature and humankind. This is an exquisite read, whether you’re at the beach or on your couch at home, and one I highly recommend. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to put Beach House for Rent down. The characters will linger in your heart and thoughts long after you’ve finished the last page

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