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Before She Knew Him
BY Peter Swanson

William Morrow
March 5, 2019/ ISBN 9780062838155

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt


A real page-turner!

This is a really well written suspense novel from beginning to end. The writing style is real and the story line is believable, not too far-fetched that you want to skip pages, but just right on the edge of sanity to keep you guessing. If you enjoy a good suspense, then I would suggest you pick this one up. If you do not read it straight through to the end, which I am sure you will, it is easy to pick back up and be in the action.

Hen and Lloyd have just moved into their new home outside Boston. They meet their next-door neighbors, Mira and Matthew, at the neighborhood block party. Mira and Hen hit it off immediately. Mira invites Hen to a tour of their home, and right from Chapter one, the intrigue begins when she sees a fencing trophy in Matthew’s study. At home later she tells Lloyd that the trophy belongs to a boy who was murdered in their old neighborhood. Matthew is suspicious that Hen is on to him from the start and disposes of the trophy. When Hen returns to visit Mira, she notices the trophy is missing from the study. This tips her off that something is amiss and she calls 911 to report her suspicions. The story takes off from there. The twist is that Hen is bi-polar and has a past too, so her suspicions are met with distrust from all sides.

As the story unfolds, Matthew’s true nature surfaces and not just his secrets are revealed. You may think this is the end, but it is only the beginning. Sit tight and enjoy the ride, you are in for a very interesting journey.

Oh, and did I mention Hen is an artist? Page 306 is a jaw dropper, but do not peek!

Reviewed 2019