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Christmas, Present
Jacquelyn Mitchard

William Morrow
September 5, 2017/ ISBN 9780060565589
Fiction / Literature / Holidays: Christmas

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


Elliott and Laura Banner are celebrating their fourteenth wedding anniversary. And since it was a ho hum anniversary, not special like a fifteenth or a twentieth, they had a nice evening out but things turned tragic on the way home. Laura had a headache that turned into something more than a migraine. Now Elliott and Laura have about twenty-four hours to have their family get together and rehash their lives and truly count their blessings.

Mitchard usually does an outstanding job in the characterization of her characters. While each character was made their own, they did not seem to have the depth like she has written for her other novels. Even without the deep characterization, the story is simple and important and the meaning behind it is even more important: do not take things for granted and be sure to count your blessings every day.

This reader would not recommend this for a first time Mitchard reader as it does not show the true depth of her writing. This reader would recommend it for readers who have read Mitchard’s work and enjoy her writing and for anyone who has suffered a loss and can relate to the importance of counting your blessings and not take things for granted.

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Reviewed 2017