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Dracula’s Child
Titan Books
BY J S Barnes

22 September 2020/ ASIN: B08432QBRM
Fiction /Historical

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Just over a decade after the events in Dracula, the Harkers are now married and have a son called Quincey. Things start to take an ominous turn on the boy’s birthday when the visiting van Helsing falls ill. Meanwhile, over in Transylvania things are stirring, and it looks like the Harkers and their old friends are going to have some more trouble to deal with…

I can never resist reading about Dracula and here he is in all his bloodcurdling glory, together with the characters from the original classic yarn. One of the many things I enjoyed about the original was the epistolatory style, with more than one character getting to tell the story in their own words and this is used here to great effect. Mr Barnes has the style right too, and we get to meet all the old characters as well as some new ones. Quite a few new ones in fact, all telling their own version of events which makes for absorbing reading as slowly but inexorably it all comes together in a showdown with the man himself. My criticism is that slowly is the operative term here, resulting in a quite a number of viewpoints. There is the old roué and his beautiful young friend travelling in Europe, a reactionary reporter, goings on in an asylum and more which has the effect of slowing down the action so the excitement that should be building stalls and loses momentum. A few tweaks and a bit of editing would have resulted in a tauter, pacier tale which would have suited the subject matter rather better. As it is there is still a lot to enjoy here and I can guarantee several dark evenings’ worth of gothic horror.

Reviewers Note: Some horror

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