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The Endless Beach
BY Jenny Colgan

William Morrow / HarperCollins
May 22, 2018/ ISBN 0062849999
Women's Fiction / Romance / Family Life

Reviewed by Emily Decobert


The Endless Beach is a wonderful story of a little community and how the lives of the residents intertwine, for better or worse. Flora MacKenzie thinks she has her life in order. She is back in her childhood home on the Scottish island of Mure, running a café and totally in love with her former boss now boyfriend, Joel. However, Joel hides so much of his emotions from Flora, she wonders if things are as rosy as she wants them to be. Add to that her brother’s wedding with Joel’s boss, a headstrong imp of a niece, and her best friend’s crush on the new doctor and Flora has her hands full.

Lorna has fallen head over heels in love with Saif, the Syrian refugee who is the island’s new doctor. Saif is mourning his separation from his wife and children, whom he fears are dead. When the boys are found but not their mother, Saif becomes a single father in a new land. He has to raise two traumatized boys while grieving for his beloved wife. Where does Lorna fit in his life?

I think this book is a great story about how the troubles of life are made durable by family, friends, and community. The characters have really hard things thrown at them, but they also have each other. The Endless Beach is one of those books where you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time, all the while hoping for a sequel.

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