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In Another Time
BY Jillian Cantor

March 5, 2019/ ISBN 9780062863324
Historical Fiction

Reviewed by Elise Cooper

In Another Time by Jillian Cantor is a love story. Hanna Ginsburg is in love with Max Beissinger but also is in love with her music. She has hopes and desires to become a concert violinist. This story shows how the rise of Hitler affected people’s hopes and dreams.

The role of music plays an important part. "I hope readers see that the book is also about how music helps during trying times. There is a need for music. I think there is a love story between Hanna and her violin, how music saved her during the toughest of times. The book delves into Hanna's trauma and has people wondering if she can achieve her dream. Hanna's boyfriend Max said that music was her fire. When Hannah did not have her music, she did not feel alive. I read this memoir by a violinist prodigy that made me think how the violin instrument was such a strong part of her life. I put in this quote by Hannah, "The violin began to consume me, for a little while the nightmares ceased and I even began sleeping through the night." The violin keeps her feeling alive and happy. I think creative people have passions that consume them, whether it is a concert violinist, a dancer, or a writer."

Even though Max and Hanna have fallen in love, they cannot marry because in Hitler's Germany marriage between a Jew and Christian has been outlawed. Alternating between the 1930s and 1950s the story shows the despair, but also the fate Jews faced during that era. Max's quest is to save Hanna, and he intends to use something he discovered in his late father's journal to do it. The mystery surrounds why he vanishes, often for months at a time, and how at the close of the war Hanna awakens in a field and is unable to remember the events of the past ten years. Relocating to London with her older sister, Hanna wonders what happened to Max and decides to lose herself in her other love, playing the violin. Her goal is to achieve her dream and locate Max.

This story is both haunting and compelling yet leaves readers with a sense of optimism. It is a reminder of how horrible, and atrocious Hitler's regime was, and yet hope arose from the ashes.

Reviewed 2019