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Life and Other Inconveniences
BY Kristan Higgins

August 6, 2019/ ISBN 9780451489425
Fiction / Literature

Reviewed by Jen Oliver

Life and Other Inconveniences introduces readers to Emma London, a woman who has had to overcome several obstacles to raise her teenage daughter, Riley, and have a successful counseling career. Most of these obstacles occurred during her childhood: mother passed away, father abandoned her, and being raised by her wealthy grandmother, Genevieve London. Genevieve kicked Emma out of her home when she became pregnant while still in high school. After several years of not speaking, Genevieve reached out and asked Emma something that most people would not be able to do-come back home. Will Emma accept the offer and expose her daughter to Genevieve’s hateful ways?

All of the characters in Life and Other Inconveniences are well developed and separate from each other. Readers will feel for each character and different points in the story. Higgins does a great job in showing how each character played a role in Emma’s upbringing and how she was able to overcome so much to be successful and raise a teenager who hasn’t gone off the rails. The setting is not as important to the story other than it shows Emma’s life as a child and how she lived in THE house in the neighborhood.

Life and Other Inconveniences shows that forgiveness can be done after several years of no contact and how important family is despite the difficulties that have occurred between family members. It shows how things from the past affect the present. Overall, this was an enjoyable, quick read.

Reviewed 2019