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Sunset Beach
BY Mary Kay Andrews

St Martin’s Press
May 7, 2019/ ISBN 9781250126108
Women's Fiction / Romance / Mystery

Reviewed by Jen Oliver

Sunset Beach introduces readers to Drue Campbell, a woman who has had her life turned upside down. Her mother just recently passed away. She lost her job. Her estranged father, Brice Campbell, a lawyer who is known for his advertising up and down the highways of St. Petersburg, Florida on billboards, came to her mother’s funeral and is trying to help out. He offers her a job that unfortunately has her working under her eighth-grade best friend turned enemy, Wendy, who just also happens to be married to Brice. He also gives Drue her inheritance from her grandparents, the home that has so many memories. At her job from hell, she uncovers a murder case that should have been more closely examined. Will she be able to help the victim’s mother and daughter?

Sunset Beach is a good beach read. It has characters that are not heavily complicated, so readers do not have to think about the motivation. Drue getting herself involved in investigating the murder case after the victim’s mother comes in after the case was already settled did not seem realistic, but it did not matter for this to be an interesting murder. The mystery isn’t heavily involved and contains a good twist that this reader did not see until it was revealed. Unfortunately there was a minor mystery also included that had nothing to do with the main plot of Sunset Beach, and this reader is still wondering why it was included.

Overall, Sunset Beach is a quick summer read that would be perfect for an afternoon where one does not want a complicated book to read. It has mystery, romance and family dynamics that makes it a complete book.

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