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Publisher: ReganBooks / HarperCollins
Release Date: 02/17/2004
ISBN: 006072305X
Format Reviewed: Audio cassettes - 6 hours/ 4 cassettes
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Genre:   Nonfiction / politics
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer Notes:  

Deliver Us From Evil
Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism
By Sean Hannity
Read by Sean Hannity

       Sean Hannity rings in on some important issues. In his first book, Let Freedom Ring, Hannity warned readers about liberals invading the press, government and classrooms, and how their unrestrained visions could be the destruction of our freedom. In Deliver Us From Evil, Hannity weighs in on three subjects seen in the headlines since 9/11 - terrorists, dictators, and liberals.

       In getting his point across, Hannity revisits the history of Hitler’s Germany, the former Soviet Union and Reagan’s speech of bringing the wall down. He lists them with Hussein’s Iraq in saying that dictatorship countries are a breeding ground for evil.

       Hannity revisits the Carter and Clinton presidencies, sometimes comparing them to Regan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Using written history Hannity shows how he feels the evils of dictatorship and terrorism reached our shores. He more or less lays the blame at Clinton’s feet, in that he neglected foreign affairs for eight years and knowingly let Ben Laden slip into the evil abyss where his army strengthened and came back with 9/11. Carter is seen as a president soft on dictatorship and terrorism, a man who even now avoids conflict at the risk of the US.

        The written facts and history are enlightening, not to mention informative. Hannity reads the audio version of his book, and you can hear the conviction in his voice. His opinions are worth consideration. They read like warnings, but this being an election year his book will most likely be lumped with those spouting political rhetoric. In Hannity’s case, his book may be seen as political pandering for President Bush. All the same, those concerned with their country’s safety should give this a good read through.