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Publisher: Greenwillow (Harper Collins)
Release Date: 03/02/2004
ISBN: 0-06-053406-0
Format Reviewed: Hardback
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Genre:   Poetry
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Carisa Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:  

Horse Poems
By Jessie Haas

       From Pegasus to Black Beauty and from Sea Biscuit to Smarty Jones, the myth and magic of the horse has been with us as long as we’ve inhabited this planet. From the furry, thick Glacier horses of the Ice Age to the sleek and speedy Arabian horses that aided in the evolution of the Early European, African, and Asian empires, these majestically mystical creatures have been written about, painted, sketched, carved, and sculpted more by humans over the centuries than any of Earth’s other inhabitants. In Hoofprints: Horse Poems, Haas has taken the history, myth, and magic of these creatures and created a plethora of amazing poems that are dedicated to telling of the legend of these beautiful, peaceful, and powerful beasts.

      Haas has done an incredible job of bringing out the aspects of horses that have made them so beautiful and symbolic to the human race since their creation so many millions of years ago. I love the use of historical references and the inclusion of not only the facts about horses, but also of the myths that allow these creatures to still have that air of mystery about them. I recommend this book for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re a poet fanatic, a horse fanatic, or just looking for something good to dig your hooves into, this is definitely a book worth picking up.