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The 2004 Commemorative Stamp Yearbook

By United States Postal Service

     Postage stamps are a living part of our history. For everyone that is minted, a piece of our legacy is passed on for future generations to admire. Each year the United States Postal Service issues a set amount of stamps that are minted and released to the public’s eye. Many years I have been an avid stamp collector and I marvel at the graphic detail that goes into each one.

    The United States Postal Service each year publishes a yearbook of all the stamps that were minted in a particular year. “The 2004 Commemorative Stamp Yearbook” is no exception from the other editions that have been published. It radiates with high glossed pages and informative information about each of the stamps that was issued in 2004.

     What I admire so much about this book is that it gives you information that would otherwise go unnoticed. Each page depicts the stamp, its history, issue date, and who the designer of the magnificent creation was. The facts are golden when you pass down your collection to future generations. It will give them a greater appreciation of all the work that went into creating the lone stamp.

     I highly encourage all collectors to purchase a yearbook for each year they collect stamps. Their investment will be a lasting tribute to those who will come to appreciate their true value. Even if you don’t collect stamps I feel this book is a lasting piece of history that will fully enrich your lives. Very highly recommended.

The Book

October 1, 2004
31st edition / Hardback
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2005
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