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Animal House Style
Designing a Home to Share with Your Pets

By Julia Szabo

    “Living with animals can present some interesting challenges. But whether it’s behavioral problems, allergies, relocating a household, or removing muddy paw prints from the kitchen floor, it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with caring, creativity, and commitment.” -- Julia Szabo

     Szabo is here to clear up the misconception that homes with pets are messy and chaotic. She wants to help you design a home you can share with your pet. She shares some bright, contemporary pictures and stories to give you some ideas. Mary Tyler Moore writes the Forward. Laurie Smith, from Trading Spaces, is included with her black lab, as well as others in Szabo’s line of work. The author mentions the humane society often. It’s obvious she has your pets in mind when she offers ideas for wall paint, flooring, furniture, beds for both you and your pets, and much, much more. You may not agree with some of the styles she has chosen to show, but you can still take away some innovative ideas to help you and your pets live in a safe, attractive environment.

     Animal House Style is uplifting and motivating. It’s an imaginative book, perfect for your coffee table or as a gift for a friend.


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Bulfinch / TimeWarner
April 5, 2005
Interior design / decorating  
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