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The Baby Name Wizard
A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby

by Laura Wattenberg

      Name-the-baby books are a dime a dozen, but this one has an interesting slant to it. It not only delves into the names people choose, but it brings the choices into today's age by including computer technology in a parent's search for that perfect name.

The table of contents in itself is an education. The book is divided not only by country of origin, but it includes such innovating sections as Bell Tones, Biblical, Brisk and Breezy, Country & Western, Exotic Traditionals, Fanciful, Nickname-Proof, Saints, Solid Citizens, Surfer Sixties, Timeless, and even Why Not?

Another interesting feature of The Baby Name Wizard is the "neighborhood search," which finds certain names that seem to appear regularly in specific types of areas or cities.

Very highly recommended. Not only is this book good for new parents-to-be, but it is a great resource for writers who are stumbling for that perfect name for their characters.

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Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewed 2005
NOTE: Reviewer Janet Elaine Smith writes for 12 magazines (both online and print) and is the author of 14 published books. Her latest book is Pampas, a romantic intrigue set in Argentina.
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