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The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

By Malcolm Gladwell
Read by Malcolm Gladwell

    Blink is the result of a study in judgment by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell is the author of The Tipping Point. He explains why we cast judgment, whether it's a snap, a gut reaction or thoughtful one. There are those he can explain and those he can't-like the "gut" feeling. His example of a "gut" feeling is a tennis coach who knows a player will double-fault before the ball hits the racket. The coach doesn't know how; he just knows. Another is experts who know something's wrong with a painting just by looking at it. There is the sudden judgment, such as the Pepsi/Coke test with tasters casting judgment after just one sip. He tells how Coke reacted and the test they "should have" responded with. He also explains why Warren Harding was elected and how that type of judgment does more harm than good. Gladwell also notes how quick professionals are at casting judgment and how it can hurt their decisions. One example is a car salesman who refuses to react as his counterparts who judge the buyer by his/her cover (clothes). He talks to the customer and waits for clues. It's his way of discovering who is a serious buyer. Gladwell also tells us about a doctor who came up with a list for his hospital that deters the ER staff from making hasty decisions about possible heart attack patients. It's both a money and life saving list, built on experiences of past judgments and facts. As Gladwell shares his stories and various studies, he advises us on how to make better decisions for ourselves.

     Gladwell reads Blink. His voice is soothing, his information fascinating. Do your friends and family a favor; share Blink. It's a motivational insight into better decision making.

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January 1, 2005
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