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The Book of Gods and Goddesses
A Visual Directory of Ancient and Modern Deities

By Eric Chaline

     Since Time and Memorial, human civilization has been obsessed with understanding all the abstract aspects of nature and the universe. Because of this need to understand, the many pantheons of Gods and Goddesses have ruled over all things humanistic as a way of giving a face and name to the invisible force that drives all things. In this directory, Chaline has given all of us who carry on that tedious tradition a chance to find out who is who (or in some cases, what is what) and where those deities originated from. Color coded and accompanied by pictures, each deity is put into his, her, or its own category based on the culture along with the other deities of that pantheon.

    Being the uber mythology buff that I am, I have to warn that this is exactly what it says it is - a directory. The information is brief but it does work very well as a quick reference. I love the fact that it’s color coded by region (i.e. Near East, Europe, etc.) and that each pantheon is listed in alphabetical order. It isn’t a complete listing of all the gods and goddesses but it does have some gods and goddesses that aren’t as well-known listed. Above all, I say it’s worth checking out.

The Book

HarperEntertainment / HarperCollins
Non-Fiction / Mythology / Social Science
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Carisa Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
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