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Business Daffynitions: Humor from the Workplace

By Joe Heuer

     "Corporate America." At long last, here is a book that explains those simple words that you hear every day in the workplace. Each zany definition is guaranteed to deliver laugh- out-loud humor in a huge proportion. One of my all time favorite definitions is the one he uses for "job."

     "JOB: A place where you work just hard enough to avoid getting fired while getting paid just enough to avoid quitting."

     This book overflows with an abundance of other worthwhile thoughts that are assured to put a smile on your face. Business Daffynitions: Humor from the Workplace is a must- have book to add to any true professional's library who truly wants to understand the hidden meaning behind the candy-coated words your boss throws at you each day.

     After reading this book, I gained a better appreciation for my present position. The only thing I found lacking in this book is that the author should have considered putting the definitions in alphabetic order, or at least offered an index. This minor change could have made for a very effective reference manual.

The Book

Daffynitions Press
December, 2004
Non-Fiction / humor
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2005
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