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Edward S. Curtis: The Women

by Christopher Cardozo
Foreward by Louise Erdrich
Introduction by Anne Makepeace

      Edward S. Curtis is best known as the great photographer that brought the lives of his subjects face-to-face with the viewers of his artwork. An avid photographer of the Native American heritage, his passion for the strength and mysterious auras of Native American women is what also has given Christopher Cardozo a masterful work of art. In this gigantic hardback, Cardozo compiles breath-taking photographs of Curtis' work as well as writings by Louise Erdrich and Anne Makepeace to aid his own writings about this great photographer and the legacy he has left for future generations as a bridge to an ancient society and its slow disappearance into the murky waters of the "melting pot."

      Photography is one of the most beautiful and painstaking art forms to make a career in. Photographers have to have a great eye for their subjects and the ability to bring out what makes those subjects so appealing to them in order for their audiences to see as well. The photographs in this book are incredible. Erdrich is right when she says that looking at the photos is like looking through a window at someone who seems as tangible as you. I recommend this book for everyone. It's an amazing journey through the lives of women who lived with and mastered the art of "Nature."

The Book

Bulfinch Press / Time Warner
April 26, 2005
Non-Fiction Miscellaneous
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
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