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The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs

By James J. Rybacki

     The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs is a book from which many of us can benefit. There are a lot of people with chronic illness who take prescription drugs. Most of us have no clue as to the side effects these drugs cause or how much damage they can do when combined with other drugs. The lack of this information has caused a lot of harm.

     James Rybacki has helped change this fact. In this book, he begins by telling you how to look up drugs that you take. It's quite simple. You can either look up the brand name, or the chemical name, if you know what it is. In the book, when you find the chemical name or the brand name, it will either give you all the information right there or direct you to the family name of the type of drug yours belongs to.

     First of all, you can find out what the drug is supposed to do, and the conditions for which it is usually prescribed. It also will tell you what the side effects are and if it will cause harm when combined with other drugs. I have known of people who have almost died, or have died, because they did not know what they were taking. I know of one girl who combined two drugs that created a chemical imbalance in her brain. She could no longer work after that.

     I have, as will most people with elderly parents, found this book to be invaluable. You'll know what drugs your parents are taking, and what they will do for and against them. The size of the book is intimidating, but it's well worthwhile. Pick up a copy and try it. You could very well save your own life or that a family member.

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HarperResource / HarperCollins
December 1, 2004
Nonfiction / Medical
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