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The Family Illustrated
An Instant Replay of Family Humor

by J. Michael Krivyanski

      J. Michael Krivyanski's book, The Family Illustrated - An Instant Replay of Family Humor is a collection of columns written for newspapers over a short period of time and they are delightful.

The essays should appeal to ninety-five percent of adults-those that are parents and those eager to know what is in store for them as parents. The five percent who do not like children need not bother.

Krivyanski gives us a realistic yet amusing look at first efforts of fatherhood. All fathers will see glimpses of themselves in the columns. Some of the columns are so precious that they could be used as part of commercials for baby food.

The columns can be read at random but I suggest reading them in the order presented. That way the reader gets a flow of what it takes to become a dad.

Krivyanski gives us insights into rearing kids without preaching and he gives it in such humorous terms that we are not aware that we are learning valuable lessons.

While reading these columns, the reader will be reminded how lucky (blessed) he is to have children to raise. Get the book and when your kids drive you to the edge, read some of the columns and say, "It doesn't get any better than this."

The Book

April 2005
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NOTE: Rated PG for wholesomeness

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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2005
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