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Gardens to Go
Creating and Designing a Container Garden

By Sydney Eddison
Photographer: Steve Silk


“…making a container garden is not the same thing as using potted plants for decoration. Decoration is intended to be looked at; a garden, even if it is grown in pots, is meant to be experienced.” -- Sydney Eddison

     Gardens to Go introduces us to eight gardeners who are passionate about their container gardens. The author, Sydney Eddison, and her gardening soul mates want you to think about your garden before you ever begin. They want you to plan it and to most of all see the Art in it. So don’t run to the local Wal-Mart for those cheap pots and typical seasonal plants. Take your time, draw out your idea, consider your area, your pots, the color scheme, etc. But first, read Gardens to Go and enjoy the beautiful photographs taken by Steve Silk.

    In Gardens to Go, the author shows us how to start a container garden, how to choose the right plant for each container, pick the right pots, decorate the area with color and furniture, and to top it all off with Objects d’Art like water features. Eddison also tells you how to take care of your container garden, how to propagate the plants and over- winter the garden. In the end, she recommends more garden reading, along with a section of usual plant sources.

    I have a list of reading recommendations as well. These TimeWarner titles will also enhance your garden experience: Stokes Bird Gardening Book by Donald & Lillian Stokes show you how to invite the birds into your garden; The Master Book of the Water Garden by Philip Swindells guides you on the how-to and maintenance of a water garden; and A Child's Garden by Elizabeth St. Cloud Muse and Eva Saull shows you how to introduce your children to the joys of gardening.

    Happy Gardening!

The Book

Bulfinch / Time Warner
April 15, 2005
Nonfiction / Misc
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Reviewed 2005
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