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Life Sketches of a College Teacher
Growing Up in a Small Town
Tales from the Asylum (School)
Guess What Happened at Work Today?

by Ralph Bonner

      Ralph Bonner has combined three previous publications, Growing Up in a Small Town, Tales from the Asylum and Guess What Happened at Work Today? into his latest publication: Life Sketches of a College Teacher.

In reading this book, it is important for the reader to keep in mind that he is reading sketches, not a common genre, and judge the merits of the book on criteria for such writing. The sketches do not have to be read in any order, but read straight through like a novel. There are many repetitions.

The section containing sketches of students is the most entertaining and fully developed. As a former teacher, I could identify with a situation such as the one where a student who has missed several classes and comes to class and asks Bonner. "Did I miss anything?" The reader will enjoy his reply to this and similar situations with students.

Even though the sketches are of other people, the personality of Ralph Bonner gradually emerges in these sketches. There seems to be a Ralph Bonner memoir in this material begging to be written. Perhaps that will be his next project.

The Book

January 20, 2005
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2005
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