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The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life

By Steve Leveen


 “Do not set out to live a well-read life but rather your well-read life.” -- Steve Leveen

      Leveen’s little guide is a big treat for serious readers. Leveen is the CEO of, a website for serious readers. He wasn’t a serious reader per se, but rediscovered reading through audio books. He dedicates a chapter to his audio book addiction and helps others to understand this growing passion. He’s nicknamed it as “ristening.”

      In his guide for bookaholics, Leveen mentions other titles aimed at the passion of reading. He also shares quotes by famous authors about reading and books. He explains what “well-read” really means, talks about being in book-love, and about one’s well-read life being one’s own.

     Leveen refers to his reading wish list as his “List of Candidates.” He tells readers the candidates (books) are for your consideration, but not an obligation. Creating the list is a process, and he explains how you can make your choices for your list. He also created a “diary of books read” he refers to as a “Bookography.” It’s a way of “looking back to go forward--a good way to remember what you read."

      The Little Guide has some sizable ideas for the serious reader. It’s easy to comprehend, written to be enjoyed over and over, and holds the secret of finding more time to read.

      Highly recommended.

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Levenger Press
April 15, 2005
Nonfiction / reading passion
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
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