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The Official Razzie Movie Guide
Enjoying the Best of Hollywood's Worst

By John Wilson

     Ever wondered what some critics considered the worst of the worst in movies? Ever wondered why the film academy would give Oscar Awards to some horrible movies? The Official Razzie Movie Guide includes all of the worst of the worst, including some highly acclaimed movies. The Official Razzie Movie Guide is broken up into categories which include: from All God's Creatures, Large and Lame, Can't Stop the Musicals, Disasters…In Every Sense, Doofy Twosomes, Now That's a Dumb Idea!, The Roles That Made Them Shameless, Showbiz Laid Bare…, They Came from Planet Razzie, Well, Someone Thought it was Sexy, When Mad Scientists Go Bad, and The Very Best of the Berry Worst.

     The Official Razzie Movie Guide also includes the complete Razzie Award history with the "winners" in each of the major categories (best picture, best actor/actress, best supporting actor/actress, director, etc.). One is sure to find one of their favorite films in this book. This reader certainly did. Readers will laugh at the comments that are made about the movies and actors. It also contains well known movie critics (Roger Ebert) and their comments, some of which are extremely funny.

     The Official Razzie Movie Guide is a must for any true movie fan.

The Book

Warner Books
January 2005
Nonfiction/Movie Guide
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NOTE: Written by the creator of the Razzie Awards, contains a foreword by Peter Travers, Rolling Stones 

The Reviewer

Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2005
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