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Only the Best / Solo lo Mejor
100 Great Quotations and Proverbs / 100 Gran Refranes y Frases Celebres

Edited by Leslie Pockell and Adrienne Avila

      The Latino community is an old world heritage that celebrates life to the fullest. This sultry lifestyle is one that is filled with happiness, joy, and intense passion. As an outsider looking in I have always held a deep fascination about this culture. I have only been able to experience it though the hypnotic music, and picture books. What has prevented me from discovering more is the language barrier that separates me from the lyrical Spanish language. I feel not knowing Spanish has caused me to miss out on the best life has to offer, this old world culture cries out to be understood and experienced.

The opportunity of a lifetime came in the form of Only the Best: 100 Great Quotations and Proverbs. It gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with some of most powerful voices that include literary figures, politicians, social activists, and artists of all time. Each quote and proverb is spoken with an intense purpose and a well thought out meaning. I can easily imagine all the emotions the speaker was experiencing as they spoke each one of them. In them a little piece of history has been preserved to be enjoyed for centuries to come.

This vast selection of memorable words will break down the barriers that prevent you from discovering a new way of life. What I found so unique about this book was that it is written in English and Spanish. This allows for both cultures to unite together as one and discover what each other has been missing. As the title suggests, the reader will find 'only the best' throughout the pages of this wonderful book.

The Book

Warner Books; Bilingual edition
September 19, 2005
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2005
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