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25 Years of his Sunday Best

By Berkley Breathed

    What began as a single, simple penguin sitting on an ottoman watching Mr. Rogers, has quickly become an outrageously funny comic that has lasted 25 years. As the star of the long-time running “Bloom County” Opus the penguin has tackled everything from religion, politics, and the economy to thwarting illegal handicapped parking alongside his fellow crew members of the star chair “Enterpoop.”

     I have always been a fan of the antics of the inhabitants of Bloom County and jumped at the chance to review this hilarious collection of comic strips. I absolutely love the adorable Opus and his posse and am thankful that Berkley Breathed is back to give us even more inspired comedy and political satire that make the Sunday comics the most read part of any paper. YIPPEE!!

The Book

Little, Brown, and Company / Time Warner
Large Hardcover
Nonfiction / Comics / Life Story
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The Reviewer

Carisa Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
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