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Pax Atomica

By Campbell McGrath

     Capitalism - it's all around us and everyone is a part of it at some point in time. From the first song that ever reached to him to his loving ode to "Xena: Warrior Princess," Campbell McGrath takes a good long look at the world today and just how much it's changed in only 40 years. McGrath reaches deep into the recesses of every human's mind in order to give that part of all of us that has been taking notes a chance to boot up.

I'm a huge poetry fan, and I have to say, I couldn't have just one. After reading his ode to Xena, and others that made me snicker and have to re-read the entire thing all over again just to see if I had read it right, I have to definitely say that this is one unique piece of a really, really good way. I definitely recommend this book of poetry to any poetry fanatic. It's definitely worth your time to read it.



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Carisa Weeaks
Reviewed 2005
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