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How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity

By David Limbaugh


“… you are free, but shut up.”

     I’ve heard the audio book, and I don’t believe Limbaugh’s persecution complex is overblown. With stunning facts Limbaugh shows how the desire to weaken a country and destroy one group’s faith is being aimed at our children in the hopes of convincing future generations that living in a Godless, government-hating society is okay. It’s very disturbing. There is so much to this audio book, but I’ve chosen to focus on what affected me the most.

   All parents concerned with their children’s education, not to mention welfare, should listen to this audio book. It will make you question your schools, your elected officials, and most of all those writing our country’s educational books. After the politically correct (PC) arguments about religion in the text books, religion was removed. Limbaugh gives the results of a National test after American history—minus the historical facts that America was founded on religious beliefs—was taught. The schools that adopted the new “fixed” American history failed the test. Is this proof that the PC wisdom of removing God from America’s history is as unintelligent as removing Christ from Christmas? Have these Politically Correct groups moved from PC to blatant persecution? Wait, there’s more. To be more tolerant of other religions and living styles, some schools have gone to teaching “all” students “how” to be gay, teaching them how to become a Muslim (joining a religion), and how to take care of their unhappy lives through death—“Death Education.” Some schools are glorifying death, teaching American “children” that if one doesn’t like this life, one can commit suicide and be reincarnated. Some have gone to the extent of telling your child “their” liberal version of morality—in other words, taking that God given right away from parents with faith. Some schools are also working hard to stop patriotism and choosing to teach foreign history more than American history. And I haven’t even touched on the national, state and local government complaints about the use of God, crosses, prayer, Christmas, or President Bush’s public display of his faith. Limbaugh goes over America’s history—with its religious content—and gives sample after sample of the politically correct promoting other religions while persecuting Christianity.

        In listening to this audio book I’m reminded that religious diversity and tolerance is an absolute must to live in peace. Any group behaving otherwise doesn’t have our country, our freedom, or our safety in its best interest. This author does have our best interests at heart. Parents, especially, pass this audio book around.

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September 7, 2004
Audio CD/Abridged edition
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