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The Sky's the Limit
Passion and Property in Manhattan

by Steven Gaines
Read by the author

      New York City is a one-of-a-kind thrill ride. The majestic sites and sounds offer a unique experience that no other city will ever come close to comparing with. From the bright lights that never go out to the carriage rides in Times Square, this city knows how to take excitement to a new level. Millions flock to this city each day, seeking a means to turn their dreams into a reality. This city has the ability to turn an average person into an overnight success on the big screen.

With a population of over nine million, New York has a fierce competition for people to find suitable housing. With such a competitive market, a co-op board has been formed that screens applicants suitable to the space that is available. Steven Gaines narrates The Sky's the Limit: Passion and Property in Manhattan and takes listeners inside the fascinating world of how the rich meet the challenges of applying for the elite apartments of Fifth and Park Avenue.

A fierce monopoly exists in Manhattan where every square inch is valued highly. Names like Tommy Hilifer, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Andrew Lloyd Webber have all been through this grueling interview process of trying to find an established place to call their home.

This book gave me a greater appreciation for the streets I walked in awe back this past June while I was on vacation. It is gratifying to think that well known celebrities have a difficult time proving themselves worthy enough to live in this space. It goes to prove that even the rich meet with a humbling experience when their millions cannot purchase them what they desire.

For those that are seeking a new prospective to the ins and outs of New York elite society, this is one book you should definitely check out. The author's descriptive voice speaks volumes as he reveals what goes on each day in a real estate adventure like no other.

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June 1, 2005
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