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Taking Heat
The President, the Press, and My Years in the White House

By Ari Fleischer
Read by Ari Fleisher

     It's Ari Fleischer's turn to tell his story. He shares the best and worst moments. He's honest in his mistakes and admits being corrected by those like Condie Rice. He even laughs at his own misstatements to the press, such as the one about Colin Powell practicing abstinence. Fleischer gives the impression that working with today's media made his two and a half years as President George W. Bush's press liaison seem like a life time. Fleischer boldly points out the negativity of today's press. What it was like to work in the White House. And what it was like to have President Bush as a boss. He also shares some memorial "pinch-me" moments linked to his Jewish faith and being an American. Those wanting to read something negative about the president may feel let down when Fleischer explains why he left his job after less than three years.

     Fleischer gives us an interesting account as he shares his views on the press, the White House, his co-workers, and the one job that tested him to the extreme. Pass it around. It will create some great discussions.

The Book

March 1, 2005
Audio CD / Abridged edition - 6 hours / 5 CDs
Nonfiction / Politics / Memoir
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