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That Book
Perfectly Useless Information

By Mitchell Symon

        This is one book whose title needs no explanation. We have here 371 pages (including an index) of information you have always wanted to know....ideal for anyone hoping to become a contestant on Jeopardy or for spending an evening with friends in a game of Trivial Pursuit. You certainly don't need any of this information to pass a college course or to fill a job application.

    However, if you want to pass the time learning the winning word in the national spelling bee, or what people have changed their name, or the many facts about kissing, this is the book for you. It provides a wide range of topics, all arranged in categories, from the ridiculous to the sublime: facts about U S presidents; movie facts (Oscars, actors, films); funny newspaper headlines; things invented or discovered by Americans, Britons, French.

    This is a perfect volume to be picked up for browsing. It adds to your miscellaneous knowledge and even provides you with an occasional chuckle. There are a myriad of subjects to be perused, and with an index provided to help, the reader can locate a particular subject he couldn't survive without knowing more about. Not the Encyclopedia Britannica or the Columbia Desk Encyclopedia, but a handy volume for a light hearted enjoyable pursuit of knowledge.


The Book

William Morrow / HarperCollins
Oct 26,2004
Non fiction/ reference
Non fiction/ reference
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2005
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