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The 3-Hour Diet

By Jorge Cruise

     Jorge Cruise battled his own weight problem in his youth and now he has written The 3- Hour Diet book that will teach you how to eat every 3 hours, therefore speeding up your metabolism. In addition, keeping your body from automatically turning on its natural starvation protection mechanism where the body does all it can to preserve the calories in your body. When this happens you lose more muscle than fat.

     Therefore, with the 3-hour diet you are supposed to lose at least 2 pounds a week and your belly goes first. Now, this I have to try. I have tried all kinds of diets and nothing seems to work. With this book and the helpful 28 day planner, I believe I may be able to finally lose weight and keep it off. The information gathered from this book makes sense and explains how the body retains the fat when you are on a specific low carb or other diets. I do believe that changing my eating habits and following the 3 hour plan of eating healthy, plus the bonus of having one treat a day will boost the way I feel about myself as I begin to lose the weight.

The Book

Harper Collins
April 1, 2005
Paper back
Nonfiction / Diet Book
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Tangela Williams
Reviewed 2005
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