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The Unauthorized Guide to Sex and the Church

By Carmen Renee Berry

       Her new book, The Unauthorized Guide to Sex and the Church, best selling author Carmen Renee Berry examines the highly controversial views regarding sex and the Church, even addressing the key question, "Is it possible to be both a spiritual and a sexual being?

      She examines the church's stance on sexuality from the beginning of time, and demystifies the confusing and complex issues surrounding this topic. Using an entertaining and informative style, she sheds the light of scripture on some of our most passionately held beliefs, letting readers come to their own rather surprising conclusions, and even better, she does it in a candid, casual way, that will make the reader smile.

     To be honest, I dreaded the idea of reading this book, and was pleasantly surprised at the mature and honest way the author dealt with this most delicate subject. A definite must-have for every thoughtful Christian reader.

The Book

The W Group
Trade paperback
Religion/Christianity / Christian Life
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The Reviewer
Nancy Arant Williams
Reviewed 2005
NOTE: Reviewer Nancy Williams is the author of the inspirational romances Coming Home to Mercy Street, In the Company of Angels, and In The Shadow of the Cherubim.
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