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You're Hired
How to Succeed in Business and Life

By Bill Rancic
Read by Bill Rancic

     "The Apprentice" and Donald Trump have made Bill Rancic a recognized personality. Bill has chosen to expand on his recognizability by writing a book based on his personal philosophy on how to be successful in the business world, as well as in personal life.

     Rancic uses personal incidents to illustrate his points. Some of the stories reflect his youth and then move into college and later years. Many of the incidents reflect mistakes that he made and he makes the point that you can learn more from mistakes than from success. This personal touch gives the reader an insight into Rancic, as well as makes the listening enjoyable as well as informational. He is also frank about his shortcomings and what he did to overcome them. Motivation is a point that he stresses for both personal, as well as business ventures.

     An area that he delves into is putting a value on your own time that is reasonable, and not settling for less. This sounds great, but he also is realistic in setting his goals and acknowledges that some people do not have the resources and/or ability to realize their own worth and hold out for it.

The use of quotes from famous and not-so-well-known persons give additional emphasis to the point Rancic is making. He uses a variety of quotes with ease and familiarity. One example of a quote that I enjoyed is "Most important decisions facing a company are made by individuals, not by committees," from Lee Iacocca.

     Rancic's speaking voice is pleasant and entertaining. He is able to emphasize what he feels is important, as well as interjecting a sense of humor to the stories. The speech flow is smooth and conversational. One aspect that older teens will appreciate is that this is audio book is not preaching at them, but sharing experiences, which makes the listening a pleasure.

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Reviewed 2005
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