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The Beauty of Truth: Duality
Book I of an Epic of Metaphysical Existence (First of Four)

by Alwyn

      In one way I have done the author a disservice in taking so long to read and review his book. In another way I have done his work an honor by taking the time to understand it and absorbing the message it contains. The Beauty of Truth is not brain candy to be read quickly and summarized in 300 words. It took significant time for me to read it through.

I enjoyed reading and re-reading passages of personal significance:

If anything is ever going to be done,
then mistakes are the price that must be paid.

There were the portions that made me stop and think, sometimes for days:

Water can't be water if it is something else,
which sounds silly except on further reflection.

A background in philosophy, physics and eastern religion will make the work easier to tackle, but are by no means necessary. This is very specifically a thinker's book and you will not be disappointed if you are interested in what is possible in the universe.

Ideas on a page are just ink until they are read

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BOT Publishing LLC
June 1, 2005
Nonfiction Philosophy/Metaphysics
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