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Blood Money
Wasted Billions, Lost Lives, and Corporate Greed in Iraq

by T. Christian Miller

      T. Christian Miller has written a disturbing book on the fiasco that is going on in Iraq. Miller points out example after example of inept policies (or the total lack thereof) and their executions in the United Statesí effort to rebuild Iraq.

Millerís reporting on these missteps is not the ramblings of a man with an ax to grind or a person trying to set himself up for profit. He cites documents and quotes reliable sources on these matters.

One aspect of the rebuilding effort that should concern every American is the ubiquitous presence of Haliburton, a company formerly run by Vice-President Dick Cheney. The graft goes deeper than what we have been told by the media (and weíve already been told much). Readers will be amazed at the profits made by Haliburton and other companies.

When well-meaning people try to curb these excesses, they are promptly demoted and eventually moved out of Iraq. The book contains several examples of such unjustified actions.

Another disturbing aspect of the effort is the number of soldiers and civilians workers who are killed or put in harmís way because of a lack of basic communication and cooperation.

If these charges are true (and I see no reason to doubt Millerís assessment), every American should demand a better accounting of money spent in rebuilding Iraq. The book should be required reading for all our leaders in Washington D. C.

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Little, Brown and Company
August 2006
Nonfiction / current affairs
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