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Chasing Lance

by Martin Dugard

      Even if you've never been a cycling fan or know that much about Lance Armstrong, you'll be amazed by the behind-the-scenes look at the "Superbowl" of racing, the Tour de France. The author takes you on a guided tour from the very first starting point or "stage," to the finish line or final "stage" in Paris. Not only does he tell you about the surroundings and the history of some of the cities and town, he gives you a guided tour of the teams and the key riders. After a while it becomes clear why Lance has attracted such a legion of fans. Why some refer to him as hero. Why a man who has raced and beat cancer would give it his all to push and win the final race of his career.

I was not a cycling fan, but my brother is. I read this book in hopes of learning what holds his fascination. I not only learned about the racing world, but also the incredible machine made up of people and technology that makes the Tour de France and the cycling world in general, run. I believe anyone would find this book fascinating. This is not a biography of Lance Armstrong however, as much as it's a tour and history guide. To talk about the Tour de France, you can't leave out Lance's contribution over the last 12 years or so. He's won seven races during that time, as well as driven the man in charge to try to "Lance-proof" the course. Chasing Lance is truly a fascinating look at the ride of a lifetime.

The Book

Little, Brown / Time Warner
December 1 2005
Sports non-fiction
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Michelle Shealy
Reviewed 2006
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