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China Bayles' Book of Days
365 Celebrations of the Mystery, Myth, and Magic of Herbs From The World of Pecan Springs

by Susan Wittig Albert

      What is an Herb? Herbs are plants that are gown or gathered ‘for use and delight.’ - Susan Wittig Albert, China Bayles’ Book of Days

Albert, author of the popular China Bayles mystery series, brings mystery readers and herb lovers together with a recent nonfiction endeavor Book of Days. Book of Days is 365 days of Herb information, along with tidbits about the China Bayles mystery series.

Albert refers to her series character as a partner in assembling and producing the book’s content. She explains they "adopted the traditional format of book of days, or daybook: the personal calendar in which people over the centuries have recorded meaningful events, ideas, things to do and to celebrate, and odds and ends of interest." The book is set in three-month periods, starting with January, February and March. Each month highlights its season and/or holidays with recipes, definitions, crafts, gardening tips, homemade remedies and quotes from traditional songs, as well as quotes from authors about herbs and gardening. Albert tells us "the recipes are uncomplicated and designed for average cooks." Ever made an "Election Cake?" How about Curry Cookies? The personal recipes are just as interesting. Ever considered making your own Rosemary and Egg Conditioner or Milk Bath Bags? Albert and China generously include the family in their many craft ideas like Easter Egg coloring naturally. Readers can expect many unique ideas for both party and gift giving. It’s an informative, educational, and entertaining read. You’ll delight in sharing it with others.

The Book

Berkley Trade / Penguin Group (USA)
October 3, 2006
Nonfiction / General / Herbs
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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