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Court TV Presents: Murder in Room 103
The Death of an American Student in Korea - and the Investigators' Search for the Truth

by Harriet Ryan

      An attention grabber and intriguing book, Murder in Room 103 is both. Exchange students take a trip to Seoul, Korea. One small town American girl never knew she would not live to tell of the experience because she becomes the study subject. Who did it? How? Why? Law enforcement wants to know. Law officials attempt to answer those questions, but itís difficult. Laws are different in Korea, and U.S. law enforcement officials have limited powers in Korea.

Jamie Penich, an exchange student from the University of Pittsburgh is murdered in a room of a cheap and shady motel. Cheap and shady it is because the owners accept any clientele willing to pay for a room, for any length of time. Jamie and her fellow students were just going to Seoul for a weekend break from school work. Little did they know it would become a nightmare.

Did the soldiers stationed there have anything to do with her murder? What about the students? The local residents?

A rookie detective from the U.S. is determined to find out. What he discovers is unbelievable. Never in a million years would anyone have considered the suspect, Kenzi Snider, another student, the likely killer. She just didnít seem to fit the profile. Students, families, and law officials responded with shock, because it didnít make any sense. Jamie and Kenzi were best friends. And Kenzi had no reason to kill Jamie, that is, until the detective found one. She was a rejected lover.

If you like playing detective, like I do, Murder in Room 103 is the book for you. This nonfiction book will open your eyes to the many reasons people kill others. Unfortunately, the truth is that any of us could be the next victim. Author Harriet Ryan proves truth is still more interesting than fiction.

The Book

Avon Books / Harper Collins
September 26, 2006
Mass Market Paperback
Nonfiction: True Crime
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Sylvia McClain
Reviewed 2006
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