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Crime Beat
A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers

by Michael Connelly

      For the Michael Connelly fan, this is a must read. Mr. Connelly gives you a glimpse into how he ended up becoming a writer of crime fiction, culled from the very stories he worked on as a reporter. I found this to be a fascinating sliver of insight into the man who brings us the Detective Harry Bosch character and now the Mickey Haller character in the recent novel, The Lincoln Lawyer.

First he gives us a small view of what initially caught his attention when he was just sixteen years old. He was the only witness to a crime, and it affected what he was to become in the future. Then on to his internship at a police station as a writer looking at how the police operate.

The book is divided into categories The Cops, The Killers, and The Cases. Each section is written as a reprinted news article, but with far more information than you'd see in a paper. These news articles were reformatted for book form from The Florida Sun-Sentinel and from The L. A. Times. The articles are a bit of dry reading compared to one of his books. You'll see how Mr. Connelly went from a career as a reporter to the career of what he was obviously meant to be: a crime story author.

The Book

Little, Brown
May 8 2006
Non Fiction/Crime
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NOTE: adult content

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Michelle Shealy
Reviewed 2006
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