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Crime Beat
A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers

by Michael Connelly
Read by Len Cariou, Carl Franklyn, Nancy McKeon

      In Crime Beat Michael Connelly tells how he gained interest in crime or at least the solving of it. As a youth he witnesses someone hiding a gun and reports the incident. After going through the process as witness and, at one point, possible suspect, Michael begins to read the paper more, taking notice of crime related stories. He becomes a Crime reporter and ends up in the very unit with the very detective he dealt with all those years ago. And thatís just the beginning...

Moving from the 1980ís to the 90ís, Connelly retells some strange and even heinous crimes. You got a husband with multiple wives and multiple lives. Considering the amount of money involved, itís amazing how long it went on. Another is an infamous serial killer (Wilder) who set models up only to do them in. People suspected but didnít react. He shares the heart-wrenching case of a missing child, where the parents make the statement, if someone told them she was spotted on the moon, they would check it out. Each case is remarkable in its own way, sometimes downright unbelievable. The sections are listed The Cops, The Killers, The Cases. Itís a fascinating listen, narrated by 3 different readers - Len Cariou, Carl Franklyn, Nancy McKeon. After the last CD clicked off, I sat there stunned, thinking of the phrase "fact is stranger than fiction." And even stranger is how in most of the cases those who knew -or even suspected, did nothing.

You donít have to be a Connelly fan to be impressed by how deep he delves into the cases and presents them. If this is anything near the effort Connelly goes to when researching a new novel, itís no wonder he pens bestsellers like The Lincoln Lawyer and the Harry Bosch Series. Topic is mature in nature, so remember your head phones. Harry Bosch fans can expect a new novel October 2006. Iím sure looking forward to it!

The Book

Little, Brown Adult
May 8, 2006
Audio CD - Abridged edition / 5 CDs
Nonfiction / True Crime
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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