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Diamond Baratta Design

by William Diamond, Anthony Baratta, Dan Shaw

      Designers Diamond and Baratta see themselves as "versatile designers whose enthusiasm ranged from modernism to eighteenth-century France, from Chinoiserie to American folk art..." Modern to old European is what I noticed at first glance and it’s actually quite pleasing to the eye. The designers explain how they’ve accumulated "craftspeople and artisans who use Old World Techniques to make furnishings for today." Diamond and Baratta’s goal is to make "Timeless," "one-of-kind interiors" which is evident in the 225 full-color photographs.

The coffee table size book reveals 24 projects direct from Diamond and Baratta’s clients. Our first glimpse into these projects is seen in the unusual table of contents - small photos with bold titles reading: Young Moderns, Folk Art, Bold Themes, Modern Pastels, and The New Traditionals.

Something I noticed about their style is they don’t hesitate to mix bold with subtle, modern with traditional, unique with typical. Each photograph captures and keeps your attention until you’ve taken it all in. It’s a brilliant, colorful book prepared to inspire your decorating ambitions whether on a grand scale or not.

The Book

September 22, 2006
Nonfiction / Misc. / Interior Design
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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