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The holiday for the rest of us

by Allen Salkin
Read by Jerry Stiller

      Seinfeld fans rejoice! Allen Salkin revisits one of the popular and humorous segments celebrated by Frank Costanza aka Jerry Stiller. Festivus is the celebration for those of us who have moved beyond the over-hyped Christmas that starts in October and ends with clearance sales in January. Festivus is celebrated by alternative-holiday types on December 23rd with the raising of silver aluminum poles. Taking the anti-holiday theme to a new level, Festivus introduces Miss Festivus, downs Festivus beer and offers a hysterical audio tour of the Festivus house in, of all places. Ohio. For a show that had a natural New York City sensibility, the Ohio angle adds a great new twist.

If you're looking for a safe, fun and edgy cult to explore during the holidays, pick up this dash-of-fresh-air audio version of the successful book. Jerry Stiller reads the introduction in his never disappointing style and brings back memories of the wildly popular Seinfeld. The majority of the audio is read by Allan Salkin who wrote it, plus Eliza Foss and Oliver Wyman. My favorite theme of Festivus is kissing the ex, with a close runner-up, airing the grievances. If you looking to give the anti-gift this year, remember Festivus. Great as a stocking stuffer, one that those with holiday overload will surely enjoy and thank-you for.

The Book

Hachette Audio
September 2006
Audio Book / CDs / 2 Hours
Non-Fiction Humor
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Mark Nash
Reviewed 2006
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