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Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies & Bull Riders
A Year Inside the Professional Bull Riders Tour

by Josh Peter

      Where are the Fried Twinkies? That is what I want to know, as I have never seen them at any rodeos I have gone to. Josh Peter does an excellent job of giving the reader a very insightful peek into the Professional Bull Riders Tour as he takes you all around the country to practically every major rodeo in the line-up to the big finale in Las Vegas. This book is to the PBR as any book about NASCAR is to the auto races that all of us "rednecks" so dearly love. Rodeo is a breed unto itself, and once you live it even for a little while, you are hooked for life. If you grew up in cow country, or are afflicted with a bit of rustle in your get-up and love the dirt and noise of the arena, then this book will get into your soul.

Peter takes you on the tour to all the places that host the Rodeo every year and gives you a glimpse into the wranglings that go on behind the scenes concerning money, billing, and bulls. He lets you know about the accidents, the loves, and the lives of those young men who make the rodeo their lives from about the age of 16 until they are too broken or old to take a place on the roster the next year. And even then, there is the Senior Rodeo Tour, which is gaining momentum and getting bigger and bigger every year now. Those old "Cowboys" just won't give up; they try to stick longer in the saddle.

Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies & Bull Riders is an enjoyable, insightful chapter and verse of the "Redneck" Rodeo philosophy of life. Peter did an excellent job of putting this all down for posterity and for the future generations of a long-suffering group of men, women, and bulls, which will soon become part of the history of the American West, just as NASCAR is now doing after so many years of trying to get there. YeaHaw and Cowboy Up, all you city dudes. Visit a Rodeo and let loose a bit. You'll come on out and have some fun, and IF you happen to find that infamous Fried Twinkie, grab one for me.

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Rodale Publishers
September 2005
Nonfiction / Sports
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Claudia VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2006
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