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Harvest for Hope
A Guide to Mindful Eating

by Jane Goodall, Gary McAvoy, Gail Hudson
Narrated by Tippi Hedren

      Jane Goodall pens a book on environmental changes and food concerns. She goes through various subjects, including the most gruesome -- cruelty towards animals raised to feed the populace. The subject is sooo tormenting I was ready to cop out, until Goodall mentions how so many ask her "NOT to tell them of the animal cruelty because they can't take it." That's when I decided to stick it out. She relays the cruelty behind the misunderstood pig (it's heart breaking), the unwanted male chicks (it's beyond cruel), and the baby calves that can't even walk to their deaths (need we go this far for veal?!). She also talks about modified foods and damaged farmland. How farm animals are wiser in refusing modified corn and grains to eat compared to man, who not only knowingly eats food with preservatives, but also eats meats from animals that are fed hormones and antibiotics.

Not all Goodall says is gospel. There are those who feel she doesn't have all the facts - and that's to be expected. But this is the kind of book that WILL make you think and possibly change your eating habits. It's certainly one I will remember for a long time.

Goodall reads the introduction and conclusion of the book. She mentions how this subject means so much to her and it's the reason she took time she didn't have to write about it. I'm guessing this is why Actress Tippi Hedren narrates the audio version. Hedren's voice is calming and sometimes dips so low one has to pay close attention to catch every word. I appreciate her reading, but still favor the reading voice of Jane Goodall.

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Time Warner Audio
November 1, 2005
Audio book - CD - Abridge
Nonfiction / Environmental / food
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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