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I Like You
Hospitality Under the Influence

by Amy Sedaris
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      Amy Sedaris has taught me to be a successful hostess - a domestic goddess, if you will. If I thought this book on hospitality was going to be boring, I would have been pleasantly surprised. Amy Sedaris gives many tips on being the perfect hostess along with supplying delicious recipes. She does all this with fun and humor.

Hundreds of tips are given to help one to become a great hostess and a hospitable (or successful) guest. Hospitality is a giving of oneself.

When entertaining in your home do it in your own way and your own style. Sharing a piece of you is what makes your party effective. Magnify your strengths while diminishing your weaknesses. Half the fun of having a party is planning the party and this book will give you many suggestions on just how to do that. By pre-planning your party, your attitude will be relaxed, thus putting everyone else at ease. The party should look effortless, like all the work was done by witchcraft.

Amy Sedaris shares several of her recipes throughout the book. She helps with teaching tips on how to plan a menu, how to redecorate food to make it more appealing and more colorful. In "the stain box" she gives useful tips on how to remove difficult stains, like mud, wine, blood and urine. There are also pointers for skin care, gift giving, suggestions for relaxation, loads of trivia and the portable party - taking your party on the road.

There is so much information contained in this book - I barely scratched the surface. This is one educational and fun book!

The Book

Hachette (Audio) Book Group
October 16, 2006
Audio book (also available in hardcover)
ISBN10: 1-59483-591-8
ISBN13: 978-1-59483-591-9
Non-Fiction Hospitality/Cooking
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