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Tapping Your Entrepreneurial DNA to Achieve Your Business Goals

by Thomas L. Harrison with Mary H. Frakes

      In the metaphorical jungle of the business world, it makes perfect sense that those born with the right instincts will survive, if not thrive, in that environment. Instinct, by Thomas Harrison and Mary Frakes, helps you identify and play on the innate facets of your personality and focus on the elements that move you forward into naturally successful situations. It also endeavors to give you a leg up if you weren’t born with the perfect entrepreneurial spirit.

Throughout history people have believed that you could be born into your role. That is why there has traditionally been a merchant class or caste. The idea you can become anything in life is uniquely American and Instinct brings back to the table the idea that maybe you really are born better able to do certain jobs, and that part of that ability is inherited.

The book is long on "why" and not so long on "how to" , but I think it is meant to be an overall look at a theory instead of a primer for everybody. If you fit the entrepreneurial profiles within you will find examples and insights. If you do not fit, the instructions are more generalized and go-do-it in nature. Similar to being handed a paint brush and a Bob Ross video prepping you to paint a portrait; somebody will pull it off, but most of us need more instruction.

The value in this book for me was in learning what the Successful Entrepreneur looks like. Instinct was worth reading just to understand the target. It gives me a measuring stick for personal success whether I have the lobes for business or not.

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Warner Business Books
September 14, 2006
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Reviewed 2006
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